Monday, February 5, 2007

Please help me sell my truck.

Our '96 F350 PSD, dually is still unsold. It's a great truck, reasonably priced and loaded to tow but we haven't been able to move it. Can someone help me to find a place on the web to sell it? I looked at e-bay, but it was scary and I didn't understand how to *wrap it and ship it* if I sold it there. An explanation of how e-bay works on MVs would be helpful.

Janet, Just a suggestion, I read your posting about selling your truck. I noticed you have no asking price listed. I know when I am looking in the Truck Trader magazine, I only look at the ads with prices. Why would I waste time just calling to find the asking price with so many other vehicles for sale I know the starting price of??
Also, speaking of the truck trader, see if your location has one. It's reasonably priced, and usually you can pay one flat fee for as long as it takes to sell your truck (You have to call every Tuesday after about 6 weeks to confirm you still want the add in. )
Also you didn't mention where you are, (or where the truck is). If it wasn't a dually, I might be interested myself

Bruce- San Antonio